Fulkrum Technical Resources (FTR) apply its core values and best practices throughout every global business operation. We continuously strive to provide the highest level of service to all of our Clients, and Candidates alike.  When speaking with any representative of FTR, you can expect a consistency in the way we conduct ourselves and the way we work. Our values influence our thoughts and feelings, therefore our actions are set upon a number of principles that are fundamental to our success and project delivery



The transparency of the way we work is of vital importance to us. We see it as a true business enabler. Whatever the solution you are looking for we will always be open with you about our ability to deliver. In such we will never knowingly take on a project or requirement that we cannot successfully complete. Similarly we will always be honest in our recommendations when approached for our advice.


We continuously endeavour to improve our service offering in order to maintain our status as a well-respected company in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Testament to this is the fact that over 90% of our Clients have given us repeat business. We strive to build relationships and maintain those relationships to become the first port of call when our Clients have a requirement.


We believe no two customers are the same which is why we adopt a partnership approach to deliver the most effective solution in every instance. We’re not afraid to find new ways of doing things, especially if it allows specific needs to be met and the optimisation of results for both clients and candidates. The autonomy we give our staff enables innovative thinking, whenever it is required.


We have an absolute commitment to helping individuals grow and develop their careers, and to contributing to the success of our clients’ businesses. We measure our Candidates skill set and are on hand to provide realistic advise to help our Candidates develop their careers and marry up their skill sets to our Client’s needs.


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