Fulkrum announces partnership with Mama Laadi Orphanage

Fulkrum announces partnership with Mama Laadi Orphanage

Fulkrum is pleased to announce its partnership with Mama Laadi Orphanage, marking the commencement of a significant initiative that aims to bring about transformative changes for children in Ghana.

NEWS / May 30, 2023

The company will be providing ongoing support starting in 2023, with a focus on fostering long-term stability, structure, and educational opportunities for the children under the care of Mama Laadi Orphanage.

Established as a non-profit organization in 2005, Mama Laadi Orphanage is dedicated to identifying and assisting children in need, with a specific emphasis on rehabilitation, transformation, and reintegration. The organization strives to create a nurturing, family-like environment where children can benefit from essential provisions such as proper nutrition, education, and healthcare. Through a range of programs, the Orphanage offers these children the opportunity to experience a childhood characterized by love, security, and a sense of hope for the future.

Regrettably, the charity has recently faced unprecedented economic challenges, which have severely hindered its ability to provide more than basic, hand-to-mouth support. In fact, the orphanage teetered on the verge of closure. Given that the orphanage has directly supported over 2,000 children and indirectly impacted a further 5,000, its potential closure would have far-reaching implications for numerous lives.

Fulkrum has forged a partnership with the orphanage to address this critical situation. As part of our corporate commitment, we aspire to offer the orphanage economic stability that surpasses the mere provision of essential needs such as sustenance and utilities. Our objective is to enhance the facilities, uplift the standards of living, and improve the educational opportunities available at the centre.

Andrew Bethel, co-founder, and Technical Director of Fulkrum, spearheads this program and expresses immense pride in inaugurating this initiative. He articulates, “As our company continues to grow and expand, we acknowledge our responsibility to extend support to others to the best of our abilities. Every child deserves access to fundamental education, healthcare, and a secure living environment. We are dedicated to augmenting our corporate values and obligations to make a meaningful impact on the lives of these children and contribute to their future development. We aspire to inspire others to join Fulkrum’s pursuit of effecting positive change, and we encourage our network to donate generously and provide support to this exceptional charity.”

With child poverty rates in Ghana standing at approximately 43.7% in urban areas and 52.3% in rural regions, the Fulkrum team warmly invites your participation in this noble endeavor. We wholeheartedly welcome any form of support. Remember, even the smallest action holds greater significance than the grandest intention. Thus, we earnestly encourage all members of our network to contribute and support this remarkable cause. Rest assured, 100% of all donated funds will be directed entirely to the orphanage, ensuring the maximum benefit for these deserving children.

If you wish to get further information on how to donate or help, please contact our HR & Compliance Manager, Emma Coombs at Emma.coombs@fulkrum.com

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