Fulkrum receives certification of its Integrated Management System (IMS)

Fulkrum receives certification of its Integrated Management System (IMS)

NEWS / April 19, 2023

Fulkrum, a leading provider of inspection, expediting, auditing, and technical staffing to the energy industry, has achieved certification of its Integrated Management System (IMS) after successfully completing a Change to Approval audit with LRQA. 

The IMS integrates multiple international standards which Fulkrum has held for several years, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

The integration consolidates the internal management practices into one system, allowing Fulkrum to continue enhancing its health and environmental performance that reflects its commitment to quality, reliability, and safety.   

ISO 9001 certification sets out principles for a Quality Management System, while ISO 45001 focuses on reducing workplace risks and improving employee safety, providing a framework for health and safety processes within the workplace and allowing businesses to demonstrate their best-practice examples. ISO 14001 helps businesses take responsibility for their impact on the environment and improve overall environmental performance.   

All these combinations work well together due to their shared Annex SL structure, which means they have plenty of similarities that can make managing them more straightforward.  This provides more room for Fulkrum to focus on driving continual improvement across a whole range of crucial areas without wasting unnecessary time and resources. 

“We are delighted to achieve the IMS certification, which reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, and stakeholders,” said Brock Falkenhagen, Fulkrums Global VP.   Established in 2010 in Corby, Fulkrum has grown to a global company with a wide international footprint. Operating in the four key regions – the Americas, Europe and Africa, APAC and the Middle East – Fulkrum has a sustainable track record in the oil and gas, petrochemicals and renewables sectors, offering a wide range of multi-disciplinary services.

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