Meet Cristian!

Meet Cristian!

Having recently joined the Fulkrum team as a Technical Manager, and then quickly moving into the role of Interim Regional Manager for Europe and Africa, Cristian shares an insight into his wealth of experience that has led him to this role in a recent Q&A.

NEWS / April 3, 2024
  • Having recently joined the team, can you give an insight into a working day at Fulkrum?

Having recently joined the team, I’ve been warmly welcomed by everyone at Fulkrum. It’s been a pleasure discovering such a cohesive and supportive team. Each day, I’m impressed by how smoothly we collaborate, handling any challenges that arise together. Beyond just the technical aspects of our work, what stands out to me is the genuine kindness and willingness to support one another, regardless of geographical distance. Someone said to me ‘no one here will tell you that you are part of a family, but you will feel part of this family’, and so far, I completely agree!

  • What motivated you to transition from your previous role to a Technical Manager position at Fulkrum for Europe and Africa?

What motivated me to transition into the role of Technical Manager at Fulkrum for Europe and Africa was the impressive network and reputation the company has built with major EPCs across various sectors, not just oil and gas. Witnessing Fulkrum’s rapid growth and effective management, I was compelled to be part of its promising journey.

With a diverse background encompassing engineering, inspection, auditing, and expediting, gained through experience with prestigious EPCs and overseeing materials coordination in the UAE, I found a perfect fit in contributing to Fulkrum’s success. Now, the Regional Manager for Europe and Africa, I’m combining my technical expertise with business management skills to support both the team and our clients in every aspect of their needs.

  • With your extensive experience in expediting, auditing, and project management, how do you plan to apply these skills to your new role?

I intend to use these skills to provide valuable guidance to the team. This includes sharing crucial information during daily activities, such as evaluating CVs, addressing clarifications for RFIs (requests for inspection), and managing costs effectively.

The same support will be shared with the client, and I will always be available for any kind of need, as I believe that the client should always be the priority and that the shortest delivery time with the best quality of support are some of the keys to our success.

  • Having worked in various locations, how do you plan to adapt your expertise to the diverse perspectives of Europe and Africa?

From my experience leading teams in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland, I aim to use my expertise to accommodate the diverse perspectives of Europe and Africa. Exposure to these different places and cultures has allowed me to discover new ways of approaching the team, being able to understand people’s needs and how to be more useful according to each person’s personality. Continuously evolving in these areas, I’m committed to learning from colleagues and clients, embracing various approaches to create friendly relationships. I firmly believe that cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment reduces stress and enhances productivity, ultimately contributing to the success of Fulkrum.

  • Given your background in the oil and gas industry, how do you plan on using your expertise to contribute to Fulkrum’s success in the energy sector?

With my extensive background in the oil and gas industry, I aim to use my network and relationships to contribute to Fulkrum’s success in the energy sector. Over the years, I have built strong connections within the industry, which I value greatly. This shows my hard work and my ability to create positive relationships with humility and respect. Moving forward, I intend to continue this approach, encouraging the importance of respect, skills and hard work. In Italy, we have a saying: ‘the engineer knows what to do and does what he knows’, which resonates with me deeply and guides my approach to work.

  • How do you plan to encourage collaboration and motivation among teams across different locations, considering your experience in coordinating site projects in various countries?

I have collaborated with many people without any limits because of the distance. I think the key to keeping a team connected is to always be clear with the information provided and happy to collaborate with others.  At the same time, you try to always take people one step further, to keep them interested and motivated to learn something or consider any new point of view. Building trust and mutual respect within the team is key, as it lays the foundation for effective collaboration. I am currently focused on implementing these strategies to ensure our teams feel connected and motivated to achieve our collective goals.

  • What advice would you give young people entering the industry?

My advice to young people entering the industry is to work hard, approach every task with respect and humility, and strive to do your best at all times, primarily for your own satisfaction and growth. By maintaining this mindset, you’ll always be able to take pride in your efforts, regardless of the outcome, and avoid any regrets. Remember, consistent dedication and commitment to excellence will eventually lead to success.

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