Meet Julie

Meet Julie

Welcome Julie to the Fulkrum family. She is our new Co-ordination Manager for the US. With 15 years of industry knowledge, we’re in excellent hands.

NEWS / April 13, 2022

Meet Julie! She’s our brand-new Coordination Manager for the US and will be responsible for managing the operations of all ongoing onshore, downstream and midstream projects as well as coordinating key onshore projects and accounts.

  • What is your background/career history prior to joining Fulkrum?

I’ve worked in the Oil and Gas industry for around 15 years and have focused primarily on third party, source inspection, and project coordination with various companies around Houston.

Working with key industry inspection leaders, I’ve been heavily involved in the receiving, reviewing, and distributing of important documentation as well as experience in managing project cost control, budgets, project schedules, and client/supplier relationships ensuring compliance in the supply chain.

  • How will your experience contribute to the development of Fulkrum’s footprint in the Americas?

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate enough to gain an insight into a cross section of areas within the sector. This insight has been a great tool for identifying opportunities to develop Fulkrum’s footprint both in the Americas and globally.

I’m looking forward to using my skills as an expeditor, certified through the Expediting Management Association, to take lead of our onshore projects and continue learning and gaining experience in this evolving field.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

The daily variety of requests, report submittals and client meetings; no two days are the same.  Working with many different clients, I have met some wonderful people and even made some lifelong friends. 

  • What made you choose Fulkrum?

Fulkrum is a family-oriented company that puts it’s employees first and believes in a work-life balance.  Everyone is autonomous, yet works together to reach a common goal safe delivery of compliant equipment leading to organic growth of the company. 

  • What are your future plans for the region?

My plans for the region involve expanding our offering, particularly for our onshore clientele, and support our local clients here in the US. I’d like to focus on strengthening current relationships with suppliers and customers alike as well as developing and attracting new clients to Fulkrum.

Oil and gas projects remain at the forefront of our clients’ operations. However, the renewables market is emerging quickly across the world and offers new opportunities which will be interesting to explore.

  • What is a fun fact about yourself/hobby/talent or what do you like to do outside of work?

I am a huge fan of live music.  Prior to the pandemic, it was not uncommon for me and my son to attend anywhere from 20 to 25 concerts a year.  We mainly went to venues in and around the Houston area, but did travel to Dallas and San Antonio, TX for the occasional show that did not come to our area.  

  • What advice would you give the next generation of people entering the industry?

Apply for that position, and once you are working within your chosen employer find a mentor that will take you under their wing and learn everything you can from them.  Mentors are valuable teachers and can teach you things that will be invaluable throughout your career.  If the company you work for offers classes, take them to gain insight into the industry and to help advance your career within the company. Never be afraid to ask questions and always listen to those around you for ways to improve your processes.  And last but not least; have fun! 

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