Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly

Drawing upon over three decades of experience in a diverse range of roles, our esteemed Coordination Manager, Kelly, offers a valuable glimpse into her extensive knowledge and industry insight during a recent Q&A session.

NEWS / June 23, 2023
  • Can you tell us about your career history prior to joining Fulkrum?

My professional career started in 1993 when I joined OIS International Inspection, recently acquired by Oceaneering International, where I remained for 23 years. During that time, I started as an Administrative Assistant in the non-destructive testing (NDT) Department then moved to the company’s Vendor Inspection Department where I progressed from Inspection Coordinator to Senior Coordinator and then Team Lead. In 2016 following an acquisition, I became a Senior Coordinator at Stork. After two years with Stork, in 2018 an opportunity arose to go back to Oceaneering where I remained until 2020 at which time the company took the decision to close the department. It was at this point that I moved to Fulkrum, where Fulkrum had taken in Oceaneering’s third party inspection division.

  • What does a typical day look like in your role?

Very busy! I think any Inspection Coordinator would agree that there are no two days the same in this line of work – it certainly keeps you on your toes. We tend to start with a team meeting in the morning to evaluate everyone’s workload and where assistance may be needed. After our morning meeting, I begin managing the day-to-day duties. Typically, this involves providing solutions to client enquiries, processing inspector reports, invoices and timesheets, ensuring invoicing and tender deadlines are met and carrying out one to one’s with the team when required.

  • Having been in Coordination roles throughout your career, how does your experience contribute to Fulkrum’s commitment to quality assurance?

I have developed extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry during the many years I’ve worked in this role. I believe my experience with quality and inspection services has had a positive impact, as I have had the opportunity to pass on knowledge and lessons learned to our junior team members, helping them to develop working relations with clients. I am a firm believer that growing relationships with clients is extremely important as it ensures they know they are valued and can trust us to ensure compliance of their projects. Having strong communication promotes more collaboration, feedback and ensures successful execution of the project scope. Even today, I continue to work with clients from earlier in my career.

  • What made you choose Fulkrum and what do you enjoy most about your job?

From my initial introduction to Fulkrum, I knew it was a company I would like to work with. The pace at which Fulkrum continues to grow is impressive and provides new opportunities every day. Stacey Buchan, the Regional Manager for Europe and Africa, and I instantly connected as we discovered our shared background in the inspection industry, this common experience allowed us to relate to each other and established a foundation of shared contacts.

My passion for what I do shines through my extensive experience in this field, spanning many years. The nature of my work is incredibly diverse and dynamic, offering a fast-paced environment where each day presents unique challenges and opportunities – this ever-changing nature of my job is something I genuinely adore.

  • What has been your biggest learning curve about the industry so far?

One of the most challenging issues we’re currently facing is visa and working requirements in the EU which have changed following the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (Brexit). We work with clients and inspectors from all over the world, so it’s quite common for our clients to want to place inspectors from the UK into EU countries to work on their projects, with the changes in requirements this can prove challenging when trying to obtain visa’s etc but we are committed to providing the best personnel for the job so we don’t let the new hurdles deter us.

  • What advice would you give young people entering the industry?

Always ask if you’re unsure about something – no question is stupid or silly. If a particular topic intrigues you, delve deeper by asking additional questions and expressing your interest. Also, don’t hesitate to request further training or guidance to enhance your understanding and skills, ask to accompany an inspector or engineer on a job so you can understand more about what it is they are doing.

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