Meet Lauren!

Meet Lauren!

In celebration of International Youth Day, Lauren shares an insight into her career progression from starting as an apprentice at Fulkrum 2014 to developing into her current Senior QC Coordinator role. Here’s what Lauren had to say:

NEWS / August 11, 2023
  • Can you tell us a bit about your day-to-day activities in your role?

Our usual tasks involve providing solutions to client requests, processing inspector reports, invoices and timesheets, ensuring tender deadlines are met and assisting our colleagues in other regions with any requests they may have in the Europe and Africa region. I’ve also started using my internal auditor training to assess our coordinators across our offices.

  • Since starting as an apprentice back in 2014, has what makes you passionate about the industry and its future changed, and if so how?

With the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable practices, many of our clients have started investing in renewable energy sources and exploring ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The industry is constantly evolving, which makes it super exciting as we learn new things about the type of materials being procured and how Fulkrum can assist with these projects.

  • Now a senior QC coordinator at Fulkrum, what would you say has been your biggest learning curve or challenge?

As challenges arise on inspections, I always ask for the advice of management on how we can improve our practices. There is always room for improvement and new ways for things to be done. Our workload can change instantly, so being able to prioritise is the biggest challenge.

  • How has taking the apprenticeship career path helped develop your skills and knowledge compared to other educational routes?

Joining Fulkrum at 18, I was part of a small regional team of 11 employees. I was able to get involved with lots of different tasks assisting with onboarding inspectors, completing certificate verification for other coordinators, and helping with additional administration duties.

From day one, I have increased my knowledge of the oil and gas industry and the many requirements involved.

Whilst working at Fulkrum, they initially supported my advanced level apprenticeship in Customer Services, followed by a level 3 diploma in Leadership and Management with CMI and REC level 3 certificate in Recruitment Practice. Management have always encouraged us to constantly develop our skills. Throughout the years, I have continued to build my professional network and connections in the industry through the support of Fulkrum.

  • Fulkrum is passionate about supporting young people embarking on their career, do you think there are enough opportunities in the industry? If not, what do you think would be beneficial for young people starting out?

Whilst there are many robust and well-established apprenticeship opportunities, it can be difficult from a young age, leaving school, to decide what industry you’d like to develop skills in.

Start networking early, are there potential businesses in the area or friends or family that can help point you in the right direction? Year-on-year, Fulkrum are proud to take on apprentices and watch them grow in their career.

  • What advice would you give anyone considering an apprenticeship or beginning their journey in the industry?

The vast amount of apprentice vacancies available makes the recruitment process very competitive. I would recommend writing a cover letter with each application to show your passion for the role and research the company as much as you can before an interview.

It’s never too late to apply for an apprenticeship, while apprenticeships are commonly considered just for younger people who are just starting out with their career careers, older people who want to change professions but need training and a diploma before moving into a new position can still benefit.

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