Meet Scott!

Meet Scott!

Meet Scott! Joining the team during the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fulkrum’s QC Coordinator shares an insight into his role and experience in a recent Q&A.

NEWS / January 29, 2024
  • Can you introduce yourself and give details on your career history?
    I started my working life at a supermarket, primarily in a customer-facing role where I progressed into a supervisory position of the Customer Service department. This involved coordinating the department to ensure there was always adequate staffing in the correct areas.

    I joined Fulkrum in March 2020 just as the coronavirus pandemic was taking hold across the world. This presented several challenges as it meant working remotely for over a year and I was unable to meet my colleagues in person until June the following year! However, I felt very fortunate to have a job during this difficult time and the entire team made me feel very welcome.

  • Can you give some insight into your working day and key responsibilities at Fulkrum?
    As the focal point for Offshore Temporary Mobile Equipment (TME) inspections, days can be very fast paced. Both clients and vendors submit frequent inspection requests throughout the day, often with very little notice. This requires prompt liaising with, not only our Fulkrum staff inspectors here in Aberdeen, but a pool of trusted and reliable specialist inspectors in the area to ensure the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

    Timely processing of reports and inspection release certificates (IRC) are also extremely important in maintaining our client’s schedules and building strong relationships based on trust and transparency.
  • How do you ensure that the products and services provided by your organisation meet customer expectations?
    Due to the large number of inspections received on any given day, we utilise a proprietary software (IRIS) to maintain an electronic calendar of our inspector’s schedules. This system helps us efficiently manage all the assignments, while also giving full visibility of all inspector’s schedules to the global Fulkrum team.

    Our staff inspectors, alongside our regular group of specialist inspectors, are all extremely capable and well-versed on the requirements and specifications for each of our clients. They are quick to flag any concerns to our clients, provide solutions and support in ensuring conformance and maintaining schedule, and ensure that only compliant equipment leaves the supplier.
  • What is your strongest skill and how have your skills developed during your employment at Fulkrum?
    I like to think I have strong communication skills and I am always 100% transparent– this has been beneficial in building rapport and trust with our inspectors and clients alike.

    Due to the fast paced critical nature of Temporary Mobile Equipment inspections, strong organisational skills are also crucial for success. Given how time-sensitive this type of inspection typically is, my communication skills, combined with Fulkrum’s proven processes and IRIS software, I know that I have made a positive impact on the client’s projects.

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career? 
    Be confident in the work that you do – there may be setbacks but that’s all that they are as long as you learn from your mistakes.

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