Meet Stacey

Meet Stacey

Meet our Regional Manager for Europe and Africa and get an insight into what she loves about the Fulkrum team. She learns something new about the industry and the people daily.

NEWS / April 19, 2022

Meet Stacey! She’s our Regional Manager for Europe and Africa and has worked at Fulkrum since 2019.

  • Can you give an insight into your working day at Fulkrum?

A day at Fulkrum is diverse, challenging and rewarding! We enjoy that we have close relationships that we maintain within our company world-wide and support/advise each other. I also pride the service we offer both our clients and inspectors. I work closely with everyone in the company and have the best team in Aberdeen.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is a school day, not one day is the same and every day I learn something new about the industry, energy transitions and the people (clients and inspectors) we get to communicate with and meet.

I really enjoy the team that we are building, not only in Aberdeen but Fulkrum as a whole, although people are with you every day or are on the other side of the world we still have a good relationship with all our colleagues.

  • What made you choose Fulkrum?

Fulkrum has been a breath of fresh air, although we are a Global business that continues to grow the needs of the customers, inspectors and also the team is of upmost importance. A person is not only an employee, we are all made to feel part of the bigger picture.

  • What is a fun fact about yourself/hobby/talent or what do you like to do outside of work?

Unfortunately, no funny fact that springs to mind! For hobbies I have two horses, best place to be is at the stables! I am also a very keen “gym goer” and I become a “Mrs” this year so planning is a big part of my evenings too.

  • What advice would you give young people entering the industry?

Don’t be scared to ask questions and learn as much as you can, if you work hard, enjoy the process, willing to have flexibility and go above and beyond, you will go far!

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