Meet Wilson!

Meet Wilson!

Meet Wilson! With a successful career in the global energy industry spanning over a decade, Fulkrum's Country Manager for India shares an insight into his wealth of experience in a recent Q&A. Here’s what he had to say!

NEWS / January 13, 2023

Meet Wilson! With a successful career in the global energy industry spanning over a decade, Fulkrum’s Country Manager for India shares an insight into his wealth of experience in a recent Q&A. Here’s what he had to say!

  • Can you give an insight into your career history and background?  

Over the last 25 years, I have gained extensive experience spanning analytics, operations, and business development. Utilising these skills, I have had the opportunity to work with reputed global companies in the Recruitment and Oil & Gas sectors and have spent the last 12 years leading diverse teams across the Middle East, Central Asia, and Asia Pacific regions.  


  • How will your experience contribute to Fulkrum’s continued development in India?  

India is a very vast market which forms an integral part of the strategies adopted by most of the global energy industry, including Fulkrum. Companies across various sectors, including multinational EPCs and IOCs in the energy sector, have a presence in India due to competitive advantages such as cost, quality, and local workforce.   

I firmly believe that my experience in managing relationships and business deliverables, combined with an expert understanding of the local regulatory environment will be useful in introducing Fulkrum’s industry-leading Vendor Surveillance, Third Party Inspection, and Technical Staffing services to domestic firms in India. 


  • Can you give an insight into your working day?  

As with anything new, it is important to ensure that the entity adheres to Local Laws & Statutory Requirements, so verifying this for Fulkrum and the local personnel was my initial priority. 

Now that Fulkrum has officially established itself with an office and business in India, my goal is to further establish the Fulkrum brand within the region.  Consequently, a major part of my day is allocated to networking, strategic market penetration planning, and developing client relationships.  I also strive to contribute at the regional level in terms of developing our technical resource portfolio for providing workforce solutions in the Middle East & APAC regions.  


  • What appealed to you about joining the Fulkrum team?   

Without a doubt, it was the sense of inclusivity that the environment offered.  From the very first days at Fulkrum, my engagement with our global teams and colleagues strengthened that belief.  It is an absolute pleasure to be part of a team that looks out for each other, is always eager to see each other succeed, and has a common goal in mind for the betterment of Fulkrum, our clients, and our personnel.      


  • What are your future plans for the region?  

My ultimate aim is to ensure that the Fulkrum brand is well-positioned within India.  I want our clients to be confident with our local support and operational differentiators, while strengthening our relationships with both current and prospective domestic and international clients.  I also want to ensure that Fulkrum is recognised for meeting clients’ standards of expectation without compromising on quality and other key deliverables.      

  • What part do you think recruitment plays in supporting the advancement of the industry?  

A strong team is, and always will be, at the helm of any organisational strategy; hiring the right talent for the right job is key to growth.  Technical Staffing is a serious topic within Senior Management and within boardroom discussions as there is substantial risk associated with a bad hire. This is where we see the focus shifting with many organisations, now partnering with specialised recruitment firms, such as Fulkrum, with strong capabilities to meet their hiring requirements.   


  • What is the best advice you’ve been given during your career?  

Patience, Passion & Perseverance – I have seen the magic of these 3 Ps unfold both in my professional and personal life.   

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