Meet Wilson

Meet Wilson

Meet one of our Senior QC Coordinators. Wilson has worked at Fulkrum since 2020! For over ten years, Wilson has worked for leading experts across the Middle East.

NEWS / July 27, 2022

Meet Wilson! He’s one of our UAE-based Senior QC Coordinators and has worked at Fulkrum since 2020. 

  • What is your background/career history prior to joining Fulkrum? 

I graduated from Mumbai University in 2008 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. For over ten years, I have worked for leading industry experts across the Middle East in various inspection and coordination roles.

  • Can you give an insight into your working day at Fulkrum?

My role involves sharp focus and around-the-clock responsiveness. I always start the day by checking urgent emails or inspection notifications from clients to ensure their needs are being met quickly and dealt with efficiently. Afterwards, I meet with my manager to go through the report submission and have a general discussion about day-to-day operations in the branch.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

The flexibility. Fulkrum provides excellent flexibility for its people, both internal and external. Even though we are a global business, Fulkrum’s value of its team members is reflected by the managers who always ensure the team is supported to balance their work-home life. 

  • What made you choose Fulkrum?

I first noticed Fulkrum when I was working in my previous role, just as they had begun to position themselves in the region. Fulkrum quickly started building quite a reputation in the inspection industry, and I saw this as an excellent opportunity to be a part of, a company leading the industry not only regionally but globally. 

  • What is a fun fact about yourself/hobby/talent, or what do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy being surrounded by positive people. In my free time, I often explore Abu Dhabi with my close friends and family. I believe it’s so important to spend time with your loved ones wherever you can. 

I also love watching cricket. In fact, I used to be a player when I was at university. As I began my career, I had less time to play but more time to watch, which meant I could spend this time with my family and friends instead. 

  • What advice would you give young people entering the industry?

Resilience is your friend. You must be adaptive and flexible in an ever-changing industry and bounce back from setbacks. Take lessons from the challenges, and don’t let them defeat you.

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