National Apprenticeship Week – Lauren Smith

National Apprenticeship Week – Lauren Smith

A brief insight into Lauren's apprenticeship…

NEWS / February 9, 2024

  • What apprenticeship did you complete and how long did it last?
    12 months Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Customer Services in the Business Skills Sector

  • Can you share details about the specific skills and knowledge you gained during your apprenticeship, and how they contribute to your current role?
    I received insight into different areas of the business. I received calls from various clients and inspectors that helped build my confidence. I also learned from my mentors and my own experience how to train future apprentices, knowing first-hand how they will feel coming into the industry.

  • What challenges did you encounter during your apprenticeship, and how did overcoming them shape your professional growth?
    Working on time management and dealing with clients in different time zones before Fulkrum’s approach changed to one point of contact for clients in their region.

  • In what ways did the apprenticeship scheme support your personal and professional development beyond acquiring technical skills?
    After the apprenticeship, I obtained a Diploma in Level 3 Leadership and Management and REC Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice. I have also attended day courses on introductions to Oil and Gas and Leadership. I have provided training in the Kuala Lumpur office and become an internal auditor and assessor for Fulkrum.

  • Can you provide examples of the mentorship and guidance you received during your apprenticeship, and how it impacted your journey?
    I worked with other QC Coordinators, supporting the Director whilst the company was still small in 2014 with only two offices (Corby and Houston).

  • Would you recommend this as a career route?
    Definitely – getting hands on experience early is great. University doesn’t have to be the only route to start your career, especially in Oil and Gas.

  • Any advice for people considering apprenticeships as a career path.
    Take as many notes as you can and listen to the older and wiser people with life advice and who have seen the market evolve over the years!
    Be confident to make suggestions in your role and where you’d like your career path to go.

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