National Apprenticeship Week – Sofia Varela

National Apprenticeship Week – Sofia Varela

A brief insight into Sofia's apprenticeship...

NEWS / February 9, 2024
  • What apprenticeship did you complete and how long did it last?
    My apprenticeship is a Business Administration course, the duration of which is 18-21 months.

  • Can you share details about the specific skills and knowledge you gained during your apprenticeship, and how they contribute to your current role?
    I have already learned so much already. My office skills have improved greatly and this apprenticeship is helping build my confidence and trust in myself.

  • What challenges did you encounter during your apprenticeship, and how did overcoming them shape your professional growth?
    I had to quickly learn the skills of time management and how to prioritise tasks.

  • In what ways did the apprenticeship scheme support your personal and professional development beyond acquiring technical skills?
    The apprenticeship experience was completely new for me. I am far more confident now, in new situations as I have been exposed to them throughout the apprenticeship in such a short time.

  • Can you provide examples of the mentorship and guidance you received during your apprenticeship, and how it impacted your journey?
    My current mentor goes out of their way to support me. They are extremely encouraging and give praise when due. They made sure that I felt welcomed when I joined Fulkrum and continue to go above and beyond to assist in my professional and personal development.

  • Would you recommend this as a career route?
    If business is something you are serious about pursuing, then I highly recommend an apprenticeship like the current course I am on.

  • Any advice for people considering apprenticeships as a career path.
    Don’t expect to know everything on the first day. Everyone has been in your shoes before and they have had to learn the ropes of their job.

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