Owen Gibbons; diving into Fulkrum’s growth and internationalisation

Owen Gibbons; diving into Fulkrum’s growth and internationalisation

Fulkrum's recent win of the King’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade has given our Co-founder and Commercial Director, Owen Gibbons, the opportunity to reflect on the company's evolution over the years and its future prospects. 

NEWS / June 8, 2023

Read Owen’s insight below: 

An insight into Fulkrum’s Growth and Internationalisation 

Fulkrum has experienced consistent growth and globalisation, which can be seen as a result of our continuous investment in team development and new branch and service delivery locations. One way in which the company has invested in its team is by providing them with the necessary tools and processes to succeed. Fulkrum believes in continuous improvement and has revolutionised how work is done through its IRIS software, a programme designed in-house as a comprehensive platform for the coordination of all our global audit, vendor inspection, expediting and technical staffing operations.  

In addition to investing in our team, we have also expanded our inspection, expediting, auditing and technical staffing services into underserviced markets, where clients have requested Fulkrum’s presence. By remaining agile and open to new challenges, we have brought a fresh alternative to the market, which I believe has been instrumental in our success.  

Fulkrum’s growth is in line with the way our client portfolio has grown, which is a testament to the quality of our services and ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. As Fulkrum continues to invest in the business and team, we are confident that its growth will only continue to accelerate in the years to come. 

The impact Fulkrum’s services have had on the industry. 

Fulkrum’s impact on the industry goes beyond its growth in market share. As a provider of quality-related services, our team is passionate about the work we do and has the vision to be the leading provider of inspection, expediting, auditing and technical staffing services.

We have been providing our class-leading services since 2011 and our global footprint enables us to offer round-the-clock coverage to our clients across all the major continents. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved to date, and with our guiding principles – commitment, integrity and quality – at the core of everything we do, we are committed to ‘challenging the norm’ and continuing to exceed the level of service our clients anticipate from us.  

As a company, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service, and this is evident in the positive feedback we regularly receive from clients across the globe and our outstanding client retention rate.  

An outlook on the future of the industry. 

Looking to the future of the energy industry, we are optimistic about its potential for continued growth and sustainable development. The energy industry is very active and there is a renewed focus on a diverse energy mix, with countries reconsidering energy policies and security strategy. The energy transition is also gathering pace, particularly with the growth of hydrogen and CCUS.  

The market is expected to be very busy in the coming years and it is important to work closely with customers to provide critical support to increasingly complex projects. As a key supplier to our clients, Fulkrum understands the importance of working in partnership to support them in achieving their goals. Service providers now look to be consulted at an earlier stage to provide insight into execution strategy and add value where possible. Our team recognises the need to deliver class leading services with zero margin for error, and is fully committed to going beyond our client led SLAs and internal KPIs.  

Winning the King’s Award for Internationalisation is a testament to Fulkrum’s success in expanding its business internationally while maintaining its commitment to delivering market leading  inspection, expediting, auditing and technical staffing services. This success is a result of the consistent hard work and incredible dedication of our team. Fulkrum’s impact on the industry is not only in the quality of service but also in its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. As a critical supplier to its clients, Fulkrum is committed to delivering high-quality services and supporting its clients in achieving their goals. We look forward to continuing to work closely with our clients and contributing to the success of the energy industry as a whole. 

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