As companies work tirelessly to meet the growing global population’s demand for secure and sustainable sources of energy, their commitment to quality, safety, and reliability must also be unwavering.

Companies in diverse industries such as oil & gas, renewables, power and petrochemical require a technical services partner that is equally committed to helping them meet these needs. A firm commitment to understanding our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations lies at the heart of everything we do. Having served the global energy industry for more than a decade, Fulkrum provides world-class services such as inspection, expediting, auditing, technical staffing and site construction support.


Vendor audit and qualification

Pre production meetings (PPM) / pre inspection meetings (PIM)

Input on quality plans and inspection test plans (ITP)

Production scheduling (proactive expediting)


Production quality surveillance

Product testing (welding/mechanical, NDT, coating, electrical & instrumentation)

Factory acceptance tests (FAT), equipment sign-off & inspection release notes (IRN)

Expediting and forward scheduling

Post production

Packaging inspection

Lift / load out inspection

Safe receipt inspection

Installation and commissioning inspection


The last line of defence

Vendor Inspection, sometimes referred to as supplier quality, source inspection, or QC surveillance, provides the opportunity for early detection of quality issues, thereby minimising any potential safety, budget and schedule risks resulting from sub-standard work.

We give our clients confidence that purchased equipment will arrive to the correct specification, helping to evaluate whether their products comply with all the relevant standards; regulatory, end-user mandated or voluntary.  Fulkrum ensures stringent adherence during the manufacturing and fabrication of all types of products, providing coverage of all manufacturing and fabrication facilities on a worldwide basis, guaranteeing objective and evidence-based results and helping its clients to fulfil their contractual obligations.
Our clients’ projects have a dedicated local, office-based coordinator who is responsible for managing all worldwide call-offs in a timely, concise and efficient manner. Our coordinators liaise closely with the client, inspectors and vendors to ensure inspection schedules are set and adhered to; communications are dealt with promptly; and the source inspection side of the supply chain process is accurate and transparent.

Onshore or offshore, at vendor sites or at construction sites - you can trust Fulkrum to provide  QA/QC services that add value, whatever the circumstances.  With more than a decade of experience serving the rapidly evolving energy industry, Fulkrum supports delivery of your commitments to quality on a global scale.

Key benefits

A global unified network of vendor inspection centres and field personnel

EPC level QC coordination at no additional cost

Consistent worldwide delivery of our class leading service, all working to the same processes within our certified quality management system

Specific local expertise and competency.

Access to in-depth knowledge of vendors and equipment types, to agree efficient scope of inspection, maximising the value added by the inspection activity.

Ensured conformity with the requirements of applicable international or local codes, standards and technical specifications.

Detection of defects and potential quality risks at source.

Mitigation of risks, improving safety whilst reducing potential cost and schedule impact due to subsequent failures at site.


Monitor your global supply chain from anywhere on one platform

With procurement frequently spread across the world’s major industrial centres, we understand that you, your team and the inspection site could be in entirely different time zones, which is why we have developed our bespoke and innovative real-time coordination and reporting systems to provide full visibility of your global supply chain.

IRIS is a software programme designed in-house as a comprehensive platform for coordination of audit, vendor inspection, expediting and technical staffing operations. IRIS optimises administration efficiency by automating functions such as issue of assignments, budgetary control, tracking of non-conformances, order status, scheduling of visits and maintaining full traceability of all documentation, and communication.

Remote Inspection

Our Remote Inspection capabilities allow a more efficient and safer way for our Inspectors to carry out inspections.

Eliminates the need for inspectors to travel to sites, resulting in lower costs and lower environmental impact

Safer observation and inspection of equipment from a distance, protecting the well-being of the inspector and improving overall safety

Process or equipment specialists do not need to be local to the vendor to give the best oversite, as expert inspectors can oversee the inspection from any country

Allows the continuation of major projects where physical inspection is not possible due to travel restrictions, visa issues/delays or budgetary pressure

Monitor your global supply chain from anywhere - contact us for a demonstration of our remote inspection services


choose proactivity over reactivity

Complex and large-scale projects can involve extensive international supply chains and demand timely delivery of critical goods and equipment, with items procured from vendors across several continents. Late delivery from any one supplier can significantly impact the whole chain, preventing projects from being completed on schedule or within budget. Consequently, effective expediting is a key element in any successful project execution strategy, where resources are planned and deliveries are made on time and to specification.

In many cases it’s impossible to be on-site with every supplier around the world, so there is a need for proven local expeditors with in-depth knowledge of procurement, production and delivery processes.  Whilst expediting is a real-time task, which often demands decisive responses to situations as they occur, a forward-thinking expediting partner will work pro-actively to identify and mitigate risks and bottlenecks in the processes and schedules before production begins, and considers whether there are options to work more harmoniously with the suppliers’ production team and other client orders to accelerate delivery of the equipment for which they are responsible for.

As your trusted expediting partner, Fulkrum works with every link in your supply chain to keep you on schedule.  Our highly experienced professionals are strategically located in the world’s most prominent industrial centres, ready to work closely with your suppliers to make sure your equipment orders are delivered on time or ahead of schedule.

Fulkrum’s expediting service includes: preventative checks designed to pre-empt potential delays, monitoring of all production including material supply status, making you aware of any potential delays or issues, managing production milestones and working with vendors closely when deadlines are at risk.

Key benefits

Independent evaluation of supplier’s production levels

Review production schedule of sub-suppliers to manage requirements and timing

Early identification and assessment of issues likely to impact project schedule

Actionable and delivered solutions when required to mitigate project impact

Regular update communication with live information from the field


From multi-national companies with complex international supply chains to smaller businesses facing increasing manufacturing costs or the challenge of scaling up, companies are looking at new vendors to diversify their supply chains. Increasing competitiveness and reducing the risk of over-reliance on a particular vendor is key.

It is essential that a chosen manufacturer has the requisite infrastructure, systems, processes and capabilities to fulfil a contract.  Local and international standards of quality and safety must be consistently applied and maintained across all of their international vendors.

Technical auditing and assessment services help protect your business from the risk associated with choosing suppliers. Our services can help reduce costs, improve quality, and promote continuous improvement.

Whilst audit criteria will be tailored to suit the needs of the client and particular project, audits typically focus on a vendor’s systems, processes, working practices, capacity, and operational capabilities.  Audits may include pre-award assessment and compliance testing verifications, typically to international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015.

Fulkrum can ensure you have a complete understanding of vendor capabilities through a systematic and independent vendor assessment. Our experienced and accredited assessors carry out internal audits and assessments in a consistent and reliable manner, allowing companies and their vendors to meet quality standards without the cost of retaining and deploying an expensive internal audit resource. 

As a global partner Fulkrum can support your audit and assessment needs anywhere worldwide.  Our expert staff are located across the world and proximal to key manufacturing hubs, delivering cost-effective access to expertise, available on a quick response basis, often with the added value of in-depth knowledge and recent experience of the particular vendor in the audit scope.

Key benefits

Internal and external quality management system audits

Compliance with relevant international quality standards

Supplier capability assessments and gap analysis

Ongoing pro-active communication with project teams

Technical Staffing

Fulkrum provide cost effective and flexible manpower solutions to support the ever-increasing demands of complex projects within the energy, engineering, and construction industries.

Fulkrum has a track record of successfully recruiting highly qualified and experienced technical personnel to support the demands of our energy, engineering and construction clients.  We provide flexible and capable teams that can be scaled up or down with ease, as dictated by workload demands.

Given our global office locations, our network can help companies who have an obligation to employ local personnel to support local content targets.  Our local teams understand the value of local expertise and access to local candidates, thus giving our clients the widest reach with the tightest focus for in country requirements.

We strive to be an integrated partner with your business.  By taking the resourcing burden away from our clients, it allows them to focus on their core business activities and save time and money.  We act as a natural extension of our clients' workforce, by reacting quickly, securing visas and work permits, navigating local employment regulations and ensuring compliance with national and international tax laws.

The personnel we supply are our ambassadors, so we ensure we select the best to continually develop our client relationships. Our Team also gain a deep understanding of our candidate’s experience, motivations and aspirations – thus increasing and promoting team retention and stability for our clients.

Key benefits

Cost efficiency: the use of a fully flexible workforce helps control and reduce employment costs

Flexibility: personnel can be hired for a specific need to be engaged for a set period of time or project, with no subsequent employment obligations

Speed: Fulkrum can supply technical staff at very short notice, whenever and wherever they are required in the world